Making maths creative, family fun

We're a charity that's here to make maths family fun. Our activities are to be found wherever families are to be found: at home, at school and in family friendly places. From community maths events like our Festival of Triangles to family games like Number Rumbler, we're setting out to change how everyone sees maths. Have a look around the website to see how you can join in!

  • At your school

    We can bring Festival of Triangles to your school - a fun maths week that involves parents, children and teachers. Get in touch to find out how it works! More

  • We're Stuck!

    The theatre show we were part of developing last autumn is about to get bigger! Find out more here

  • Get your Number Rumbler!

    We've crowdfunded our family maths game - get your copy here! Buy Number Rumbler