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 “Thanks @mathsontoast for a brilliant code-cracking workshop at HMS Belfast which my maths shy son and myself thought was ace.” Twitter comment, 2014

“It carried an important message about it being acceptable and beneficial to get things wrong, a concept which they often struggle with.” Parent comment on theatre piece, 2016

Families are really keen to do fun activities that support numeracy. We’ve collaborated with museums, heritage sites, and theatre companies – and we are keen to work with anyone who is interested in reaching families with positive and inspiring messages and stories about maths.

Theatre and the Arts

In 2015-17 we ran a project with One Tenth Human and China Plate theatre companies – developing a piece of theatre about the experience of being stuck in maths. Over the course of the project we worked with hundreds of children, and many parents, to explore what that feels like – and came up with a story involving maverick robot inventors, mysterious twins, and of course, maths. You can read our evaluation of the project here, or watch the trailer above (or an earlier project video here). If you are an artist working in any medium and you’d be interested in collaborating us to explore, particularly, the emotional stories around maths (but any other stories too!) with families, please get in touch.

Cracking Codes at IWM's HMS Belfast
Cracking Codes at IWM’s HMS Belfast, 2014

For museums

We’ve developed family maths activities with the Imperial War Museum, the Petrie Museum, and Bletchley Park Trust. We’ve also written a short guide for museums who want to integrate family maths activities on their own – here are our top tips. There are maths stories in everything – from ancient remains to patterned carpets and rugs, to the design of ships, weapons and mechanical objects. We think there could be loads more maths in museums! Please get in touch if you think we can help you work out how to tell maths stories in yours.


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