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Maths of Me

Come along to our FREE monthly drop in event.

This month, explore the maths of you!

Use measuring tools old and new, from feet (that’s human feet) to rulers, to estimate and measure yourself.

Reflect on your own relationship with maths:

  • What’s your favourite number, shape, month?
  • What maths do you do everyday? – maybe without even realising it!
  • What maths are you investigating at school or home at the moment?
  • Can you use a set of cards to invent a fun game to work on your own maths target?
  • Play our number sense game ‘Number Rumbler’ for some inspiration …

Event details

2:00 pm5:00 pm
Pancras Square Library
5 Pancras Square
Aimed at 5–12 year olds and their grown-ups