For museums and family places

           Thanks @mathsontoast for a brilliant code-cracking workshop at HMS Belfast which my maths shy son and myself thought was ace. (Twitter comment, 2014)

Cracking Codes at IWM's HMS Belfast
Cracking Codes at IWM’s HMS Belfast

Families are really keen to do fun activities that support numeracy. We’ve put on activities in museums, in libraries and in community spaces, and they always prove popular.

For museums

There are maths stories in everything – from ancient remains to patterned carpets and rugs, to the design of ships, weapons and mechanical objects. We think there could be loads more maths into museums! So if you fancy doing it yourself, here are our top tips. And if you’d like to work with us – well, we’d obviously be more than delighted, just get in touch, below or by email.

For libraries and other community places

We have a set of activities that are ready to go: they work in libraries, community centres and many other settings. Get in touch if you’d like us to be part of your festival or event!

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