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Why don’t we celebrate maths in schools in the same way we celebrate other subjects?

Maths on Toast’s Festival of Triangles offers you the chance to run a community maths event at your primary school. Watch the video below to find out more.

What is Festival of Triangles?

Festival of Triangles is a week-long event involving a series of activities in the classroom, culminating in an after school or weekend community event to which parents, carers, children and teachers are invited.

It’s a mix between a school fair, a school performance and a whole week full of creative maths lessons.

At the event, children’s work is assembled into a giant mathematical structure, while parents and children carry out more creative maths activities.

Here is a giant Sierpinski tetrahedron from Haseltine Primary School’s Festival of Triangles event. It’s made from 256 tetrahedrons, all made from bendy straws by different children in the school and it’s about 2m tall.
Here is a giant Sierpinski tetrahedron from Haseltine Primary School’s Festival of Triangles event. It’s made from 256 tetrahedrons, all made from bendy straws by different children in the school and it’s about 2m tall.

Why should I run Festival of Triangles at my school?

We’ve found over the years that parents (contrary to some peoples’ expectations!) are really keen to get involved with their children’s maths, just they are often anxious about it themselves and not sure where to start. So, we developed Festival of Triangles.

Here are some reasons we think your primary school would benefit:

  • People remember the event as an enjoyable maths experience
  • Parents feel more confident to engage with their children’s mathematical ideas
  • Parents feel more confident to speak to teachers about maths
  • Families enjoy doing maths together
  • Parents and children engage in mathematical activities, by showing concentration and perseverance and broadening their view of what maths is
  • For teachers, it can broaden your leadership and development skills
  • It shows inspectors how you and your school are willing to engage with parents

How do I run a Festival of Triangles event in my school?

Maths on Toast will provide you with a comprehensive Festival of Triangles kit. The kit, and the accompanying resources, will take you through the planning process, explain what to do on the day, and even start you thinking about what you can do to follow up and consolidate learning.

Festival of Triangles Do it yourself kit by Maths on Toast

The kit includes

  • resources for planning a triangle themed maths week
  • templates for letters to parents and posters
  • 1 model Sierpinski tetrahedron
  • ideas and advice for marketing the event to your whole-school
  • tips for involving parents
  • timetable to help plan the run up to the event
  • template activity sheet
  • 8 stand-up table ‘instruction menus’ for each activity zone
  • 200 stickers
  • 70 take-home cards for parents
  • evaluation forms
  • and a bag to put it all in !


Option 1 – £270

  • Do it yourself kit 
Special offer: during autumn 2017 we will offer a free support phone call to all schools who chose this option.

Option 2 – £650 (plus travel)

  • Do it yourself kit
  • Support phone call to help with planning
  • Maths on Toast support staff on the day

Option 3 – £2,200 (plus travel)

  • Do it yourself kit
  • Pre-event ½ day school-based training day – full training on how to run the event yourself
  • Post-event ½ day meeting for reflection and to plan further work with parents to get the most out of the event
NB: We recommend you put aside school budget of about £50-£150 depending on the size of your school for photocopying and key materials (drinking straws, labels, sticky tape etc) Details of which can be found in the pack.

Group packages also available for Maths Hubs or Academy chains. Or if you are a very small school (such as a hospital school) please get in touch as we may be able to provide a tailored option.

Please do ask also if there is something we’re not offering that you’d like – it’s useful for us to know!

STEM Grants available to help with funding

There are also several STEM grants you can apply for which may cover the costs of our visit to your school. Or you may consider Crowd / Community Funding?

Schools that have already taken part in Festival of Triangles

February 2017 – Redriff Primary School, Rotherhithe London – Festival of Triangles photo page

February 2017 – Heseltine Primary School, Festival of Triangles photo page

January 2017 – Bursted Wood Primary School, Bexleyheath Festival of Triangles information page

February 2015 – St Mary’s Church of England School, Hackney London –  Festival of Triangles photo page


Triangle Smile song (you heard the song in the video above). Triangular Smile was written especially by Helen Arney for Maths on Toast.

Triangle Smile song with karaoke style lyrics and no vocals.

Triangle Smile song lyrics and chords.

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