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Are you a school or teacher who is interested in showing children and parents that maths can be creative and enjoyable? Find out more about Festival of Triangles and our family maths game, Number Rumbler, here! Please also get in touch using the form below to tell us if you’ve used our activities – we will gather them together and share them onwards.

Festival of Triangles


Festival of Triangles (see film above!) is for your whole community – it’s a celebration of maths and your school all at once.

From autumn 2017 we’ll be changing how we deliver Festival of Triangles. Get in touch to find out about our ‘kit’ to run the event in your own school. It’s pictured left – the kit includes resources for planning a triangle themed maths week, and for planning and marketing your whole-school community event, including tips for involving parents. The cost of the kit is likely to be £250-300, and we can also offer professional development sessions in support of the project for your school or a group of schools.

There are also elements of Festival of Triangles that we can share for free! So … here’s a triangle song with karaoke style lyrics (you heard the song in the video above). Triangular Smile was written especially by Helen Arney for Maths on Toast. Here’s a version of the triangle song with karaoke style lyrics and no vocals. And the triangle song lyrics and chords are here!


Number Rumbler


Number Rumbler number sense

Number Rumbler is a family maths game that supports number sense – children (and parents and teachers!) make the connections between numbers represented in lots of different ways. There is more information on our About Number Rumbler page. A pack costs £7 – you can buy the game through our partners, Autopress Education, Amazon, Cambridge House or Power of 2 along with all your other supplies.

You can download a PDF of the maths game for free from TES Resources to cut out and use in your classroom. If you do, please consider leaving a review – it helps other people find and use the resource.

Teachers have commented on the great educational potential they see in the maths game, particularly for SEN. We are currently writing a guide to using Number Rumbler in a school context which will be available here for free. If you have successes to share with us please get in touch (on twitter, on facebook, or via the form below)

Further information

Within London Zones 1-6 we do not charge additional travel costs, assuming you are in reach of public transport. Beyond that, please enquire.

If you are a very small school (such as a hospital school) please get in touch as we may be able to provide a tailored option. Please do ask also if there is something we’re not offering that you’d like – it’s useful to know!

There are also several STEM grants you can apply for which may cover the costs of our visit to your school.

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