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There are loads of ways you can support Maths on Toast, from volunteering, to giving us old stuff, to giving us money through the handy button below:

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Who gives Maths on Toast money?

Lovely people! We get donations in response to particular projects, but also from people who (in the words of one anonymous donor) ‘love what [we] do!’ So you might love maths and want to help us share that; you might feel that every family should be able to enjoy maths and have access to the (life changing) opportunities that it opens up. You might have been to our events and decided they’re worth paying for, even if we don’t ask you up front! Our budgets are tiny, so even a small donation might do something really significant, like keep our website going for another week or month. In the words of Archimedes, a famous mathematician, ‘Give me a place to stand, and a lever, and I will move the world’. You’ll be helping us with that place to stand – and so with our mission to create positive experiences of maths for everyone.

What sort of stuff do you need?

We’ve had lots of lovely donations recently! Thank you for our new (to us!) camera and for the printer/scanner. Very useful! Our wishlist isn’t long at the moment but it’s ambitious: we need a laptop. If anyone is getting rid of a good quality (Mac or equivalent PC quality) laptop, which isn’t quite up to the latest tech you need but has a year or so of life in it for basic office use – do get in touch, we’d love to hear from you.

What sort of volunteers do you need?

If you’re interested in helping, please drop us a line. Maybe you want to help at our events; maybe you would like to offer admin or strategic support. At any one time we generally have ten or so Activity Helpers, an Evaluation / Marketing volunteer, a Social Media Volunteer, a few Advisors (e.g. Business; Design) and of course our Trustees.

Want to be a Family Maths Ambassador?

We’re also piloting a ‘Family Maths Ambassador’ scheme. If you want to bring a few Maths on Toast activities to an event in your community (a school fair? a community event?) we can lend you a ‘kit’ of activities and train you to run them – just get in touch for more information!

Want to work in partnership with us?

Do get in touch – we’re interested in partnering with creative professionals, with volunteering organisations, and more – just let us know how you think we could collaborate.