This is just wonderful – inspirational. We need to spread the word about Maths Toast to make sure that everybody can engage with mathematics in a creative and collaborative way. May I congratulate all those who are involved.

Professor Dame Celia Hoyles DBE, 2015


Maths on Toast is a charity, founded in 2012. We constantly monitor our events and activities to check that we really are making maths fun and changing attitudes. Our Theory of Change guides us as we develop new activities, and it’s what we evaluate our achievements against every year.


Read our Annual Report and Accounts 2015-16 or the quick summary below.

Maths on Toast 2015 16 Summary


Our report of 2014-15 is available here: Maths on Toast Report of Activities 2014-15. Our third year was busier than ever, with over 2000 people observed participating in our fun maths activities. We raised the funds to carry out our much-requested times tables project – which not only had good outcomes for participants, but also produced a new family game, Number Rumbler. An entirely different community project led to our reflecting on the theme of mathematical resilience in the context of children’s theatre. We also understood more about what makes our events valuable in school settings.


Our report for 2013-14 is available here: Maths on Toast Report of Activities 2013-14. Our second year was full of exciting new developments. We saw over 1300 people taking part in our fun maths activities – and there is evidence that those who took part were inspired to carry on doing maths for fun at home afterwards. As a provider of family learning activities in the London Borough of Camden, we contributed to strengthening community networks and resilience. We tried out new things and, perhaps most importantly, continued to bring our activities to new and diverse audiences.


Between June 2012 (our first pilot) and August 2013, we counted over 1000 people at our events.  Our report on our first year’s activities sets out our objectives, everything we achieved in 2012-13, and our plans for next steps.  Importantly, we proved in that first year that it was possible to organise community events, attended by a diverse group of people,  where maths was enjoyed by parents and children  – something not everyone thought would be possible. Read the full report: Making Maths Fun – Maths on Toast Activities 2012-13



Here are some more comments – these were gathered from parents and children at some of our earliest events, but they still stand.

From parents


‘All three children were constantly amused and interested with the puzzles and model making. Also, I loved the 3D pictures and the ukelele playing.’

‘It changed my perception of what a four year old can understand’

‘It was an Outstanding event. My daughter enjoyed every bit of the Triangle Song and making Triangles from straws. It was really amazing & Treat!!’

‘A very good experience and special task to do with amazing results however you choose’

‘I really enjoyed it and it was very helpful for the children to make the triangles. Good for the brain.’

‘I never really enjoyed maths at school yet found the activities therapeutic’

‘Straws! Lovely way to educate the children. Maths is everywhere…’


From children




‘I had fun’