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Decimal Bingo

Play Decimal Dog’s Bingo

Join the Maths Mates with a game of bingo using decimal numbers.

The Maths Mates are on their way home!

The oceans are clean, the beaches are clear and their mission is complete! The Maths Mates head home after their summer of adventures. They play a game of Decimal Bingo to entertain themselves on the journey.

Decimals, fractions and percentages are all different ways of showing a part of the whole.

A decimal number includes a decimal point, and any digit to the right of that decimal point is smaller than a whole number. We use decimal numbers a lot in measurements, as well as in data and with facts and information.

Download the activity sheet from the Resources section below.

This activity is part of Summer Fun with the Maths Mates, a creative maths programme with a fun pirate adventure theme. There are lots of activities to try including craft, construction, puzzles, baking, maps and games. The activities all have different themes and explore a range of mathematical ideas.

It is ideal for families to try at home during the summer holidays. Play leaders can also use the activities with children at holiday clubs or summer schemes.

Decimal Bingo Activity Sheet

Decimal Bingo Activity Sheet

Play Decimal Dog's Bingo game