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A rep-tile is a shape that can be joined with several identical copies (replicating tiles) to create a larger version of itself. It can also be divided into smaller copies of the same shape.

Squares can be rep-tiles. Four squares can be combined to make a larger square. Triangles can be rep-tiles too – can you work out how?

With this activity you will:

    • explore rotation, reflection and enlargement as you create repeating tile patterns
    • use spatial skills to visualise and combine similar shapes
    • practice problem solving

Check out this rep-tile example 👀

Step 1 – draw some replicating tiles.

We have used squares for this one.

Step 2 – draw your reptile!

We have drawn a Madagascan bigheaded turtle.

Step 3 – cut out the rep-tiles.

Jumble them up and ask someone else to make a reptile using rep-tiles!