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Treasure Hunt

Time Turtle has been on the ship a very long time and he can’t remember the word that means how long it has been. Follow the clues and collect the letter treasure to help him remember what that word was.

Parents/Carers – the activities in this treasure hunt are suitable for a range of ages. Be guided by your children, let them explore ideas, take the maths further, or come up with a related activity.

During this activity you will be:

  • Problem solving
  • Using addition + multiplication
  • Sorting into pairs; identifying odd + even numbers
  • Looking at symmetry + shape
  • Exploring fractions
  • Learning about place value

This activity is part of Summer Fun with the Maths Mates 2020 a pirate-themed programme with 8 activities to try, each with a different theme exploring a range of mathematical ideas. 

First, download the Treasure Hunt Instructions sheet and prepare the treasure hunt without any children watching! 


Next, download the Treasure Hunt Answer Template sheet