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All aboard for Summer Saturdays!

Join us for an adventure of creative and hands-on maths activities this summer, beginning on Saturday 18th July.

Our new online creative programme Summer Saturdays with the Maths Mates will introduce you to a new activity each week.

What is Summer Saturdays with the Maths Mates?
It’s a 7-week programme each with a different theme exploring a range of mathematical ideas.

There’ll be craft, construction, puzzles, maps and games and you can do them in any order. You’ll need to head outdoors for some but we haven’t forgotten a few for those rainy days! 

Usually we would be linking our July and August family maths drop-in sessions to the Summer Reading Challenge that runs across libraries nationally every summer. We can’t run face-to-face sessions at the moment but, in-keeping with the Summer Reading Challenge ‘Silly Squad’ theme, we have our own set of characters – the Maths Mates!

Join Time Turtle, Decimal Dog and the rest of the Maths Mates crew as they voyage through a sea of fun and creative maths activities for the whole family to enjoy at home.  All the characters have been created by illustrator and Maths on Toast team member Susan Bugby.

Summer Saturdays with Maths Mates ⚓︎

Who: 4-12 year olds + their grown-ups
What: 7 weeks of hands-on creative maths activities
When: Saturdays in July & August 2020, beginning on Saturday 18th July
Where: Wherever you are!

Where can I download the activities?
Activities will be uploaded each Saturday to the Summer Saturdays page on our website. Bookmark the Summer Saturdays page + follow us on social media to keep updated.

How can I support maths learning at home?
carers and play leaders using the activities with children at holiday clubs or summer schemes, check out our blog full of tips and advice on how to support children to explore and enjoy our activities including our Five Golden Rules for enjoying maths at home.

We love hearing from you so please share your maths creations with us via email at info@mathsontoast.org.uk or tag us @mathsontoast on social media.