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We are part of the #GetMathsConfident campaign

Maths on Toast is delighted to be charity partner in the #GetMathsConfident campaign.

As the family maths charity, we are supportive of any campaign to increase confidence in maths, especially where it encourages all generations to support each other in maths learning.

The campaign is led by Numerise, with TV presenter Angellica Bell as its celebrity ambassador. Research conducted for the campaign showed that two-thirds of female carers say they lack confidence in maths and are concerned about their ability to help their own children with maths learning at home 

Our playful and exploratory approach provides positive experiences of maths, leading to a willingness to try things out and ultimately a confident and can-do attitude.

Read more about how Maths on Toast’s approach can help build maths confidence 

**As part of the campaign, our CEO Lucy Davis will be taking part in an online Q&A session on Tuesday 3rd November. Follow @mathsontoast on Twitter for details of how to register.**

Image credit: Numerise