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Family Maths CPD

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Led by Maths on Toast this workshop will provide ideas for fun family maths and resources that will inspire attendees to develop family engagement with maths in their own setting.

The workshop provides attendees with:

  • A forum to discuss theirs and their audiences varied experiences of maths
  • A chance to participate in fun family maths activities and evaluate their suitability for their own setting
  • Inspiration to create their own creative family maths resource including a framework to develop a Maths Trail in their setting
  • An opportunity to explore a case study of family maths learning in a library with working examples of how to;
    • Engage audiences in regular family maths activities
    • Develop a ‘maths is fun’ ethos with families
    • Support families by providing them with a model to help build mathematical resilience (inspired by Sue Johnston-Wilder’s Growth Zone Model)
    • Work with partnership organisations and embed national initiatives into programming

Who will benefit from attending?

This workshop is ideal if you engage with families in:

  • schools
  • libraries
  • galleries
  • museums
  • colleges
  • the wider community
“This was a really great workshop. Maths on Toast were super friendly, knowledgeable and did a great job at putting my own fears at ease so that I could think and learn.”
Attendee at Maths on Toast’s ‘Maths in Museums’ Workshop with Kids in Museums – February 2018


Book your place on the workshop via Campaign for Learning’s website 

Event details

10:00 am3:30 pm
Campaign for Learning
24 Greencoat Place, London, SW1P 1RD