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July Stay-in Session – Meet the Maths Mates

From birthdays to shoe size, numbers are a part of all of us. Create your own ‘Maths of Me’ profile using the numbers that make up you!

Our Maths Mates are back this summer for another mission – but before the mission begins, the Maths Mates have challenged you to figure them out!

Get to know the Maths Mates through their profiles – made up of maths! Then have a go at creating your own ‘Maths of Me’ profile using the numbers that make up you.

What you'll need

The Maths of Me template (available in the Resources section below) OR a plain piece of paper
Post it notes OR small pieces of paper and some Blu-tack
Pencil / pen
Colouring pens / pencils

Register for your free place at this interactive live make-a-long event, hosted by Brent Culture Service, via the link below.


Maths Mates assemble!

Join the Maths Mates on their new adventures throughout July and August – this time round they’ll be helping to clean up our oceans and beaches.

We’ll be releasing a new activity every Monday over the summer as part of our Summer Fun 2021 programme. Keep track of our heroes by checking out our Fun Maths at Home page each week over summer.

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Event details

24 July 2021
12:30 pm1:30 pm
Free, booking essential
4-12 year olds + their grown ups

Maths of Me Template