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May Stay-In: Marvellous Measure @ Home

You may have heard people talking about measurements in ‘feet’. Perhaps the height of a person, the size of a room or the length of a bed! But why feet? And how long is a foot?

We will be looking at how we measure things. Can you predict how long something is before measuring it? What units of measurement do we use? When and how did the earliest measurements begin? You will make your own foot ruler and use it to measure things around you and compare your measurements to others.

Follow the link below to register for your free place at this interactive live make-a-long event, hosted by Brent Culture Service.


What you’ll need

    • Paper
    • Scissors
    • Pens / pencils
    • Craft materials
    • Ruler / tape measure

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This is an online event. For details of our face-to-face family drop-in library sessions, see our Events listings page.

Please note these are family maths sessions. Adults cannot participate unless their children are present.

Event details

21 May 2022
11:30 am12:30 pm
Free, booking essential
4-12 year olds + their grown ups