Events    November at Pancras Square Library – No(vember) Pens Party!

November at Pancras Square Library – No(vember) Pens Party!

Family maths events in Camden

It’s party time! So, come along and help us celebrate the fact that Maths on Toast is 7 years old!

  • Put your construction skills to the test as you build shapes with cocktail sticks and sweets!
  • Create some number 7 based jewellery to take home
  • How many times can you make 7 when playing Number Rumbler?
  • Find out if Smarties really do have the answer when it comes to fractions
  • Create your design for our community Rangoli pattern celebration

There will be no pens allowed as we support The Communication Trust’s No Pens Day Wednesday campaign which encourages schools and settings to put down their pens and to run a day of speaking and listening activities.



Event details

2:00 pm5:00 pm
Pancras Square Library
5 Pancras Square
5-12 years