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The 2021 Big Draw Festival: Symmetrical Insects @ Wembley Library

Create your own symmetrical insect

Join us for a free session at Wembley Library for some creative maths fun.

Discover the maths magic behind making beautiful art and gain inspiration from your local environment.

Art, nature and maths are linked more closely than you may realise

Many artists create decorative insect art but have you ever looked closely at an insect?If you do, you will notice that one side of its body is an exact reflection of the other side. Insects have bilateral symmetry; this means they have two sides the same! Bees, ants, beetles all have bilateral symmetry. Can you think of any others?

In doing this activity you will:

  • Discover the maths behind making beautiful symmetrical insects as you create your own piece of insect art
  • Explore and discover some of the amazing creatures we share our world with and consider how to protect the natural environment around us

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This event is free but booking is essential.

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Part of The 2021 Big Draw Festival

Event details

27 October 2021
2:30 pm3:30 pm
Wembley Library
Brent Civic Centre,
Engineers Way,
Free, booking essential
4-12 year olds + their grown ups