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Join in with our festive creative maths project – Make a TetraTREEdron 🎄

We’re inviting families, schools and communities to come together in spirit and online this December to build and decorate a festive tree with a difference!

In the run up to Christmas (or Christ-maths as we like to call it!), we want you to decorate your homes with a TetraTREEdron.

We’re encouraging families and schools across the UK to engage in this accessible creative maths project, suitable for all ages.

After a tough 2020, we want you to use your TetraTREEdron to spread a message of hope by decorating it with reflections of the year, messages for the future or any decorative designs you like.

Find out everything you need to know about how to take part via the link below
Take part in the ChristMaths TetraTREEdron Project 

We want families and communities to come together and continue the community spirit felt by many during lockdown.

Build your TetraTREEdrons, display them in your windows and watch (from a safe distance!) as your neighbours do so too.  Bubbles at school can build larger trees with their messages of hope.

Families can display their tree in their windows at home. School bubbles can display a larger tree made by joining different families’ tetrahedrons together to form one large sculpture. Everyone can share a picture of their creation with Maths on Toast so we can add your TetraTREEdron to our online community gallery.