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Meet the Maths Mates

Join Time Turtle, Decimal Dog and the rest of the Maths Mates crew for a series of pirate adventure themed adventures!

Summer Fun with the Maths Mates is a creative maths programme with a fun pirate adventure theme. There are lots of different activities to try including craft, construction, puzzles, baking, maps and games. The activities all have different themes and explore a range of mathematical ideas.

It is ideal for families to use at home during the summer holidays. Play leaders can also use the activities with children at holiday clubs or summer schemes.

Meet the Maths Mates

Time Turtle

An expert when it comes to time. Well, he has been around for 100 years!

Fractions Fox

Cunning helps this foxy Maths Mate split things into equal parts – but take the larger share!

Decimal Dog

The artist on the ship who loves keeping precise records of all those on board.

Coordinates Chicken

Follow this plucky navigator ‘along the corridor and up the stairs’ to discover buried treasure!

Percentage Parrots

These 3 were picked out of 100 parrots, to become part of the Maths Mates crew.

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Tips to build maths confidence


Being confident in maths starts with feeling comfortable and at ease with maths.

Meet the illustrator


The Maths Mates characters were created by illustrator and Maths on Toast team member Susan Bugby.