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It’s National Numeracy Day!

Happy National Numeracy Day – a day dedicated to celebrating numbers! Although every day is a numbers day for us at Maths on Toast we are excited to support this campaign to raise awareness of the importance of numeracy and to build people’s confidence in using numbers in their daily life.

Public attitudes towards maths and numbers are overwhelmingly negative, and this negativity is something that can be passed on from parent to child. Our new project ‘Bites’  – a series of short films showing fun family maths – has been created to broaden people’s perceptions of what and where maths is, and show that maths can be as creative as any other subject. Fun and enjoyable experiences of maths can be the first step to creating positive attitude towards maths and numbers. 

Launching this week to coincide with this year’s National Numeracy Day, ‘Bites’ was developed in partnership with The Winch children’s charity and youth centre in Camden.

45 children took part in playful, interactive maths activities exploring different mathematical concepts and the end result is 5 fun (and funny!) ‘How To…’ videos which families can watch together and then try the activities themselves. They’re also ideal for use in school and community settings. We can’t wait to share them with you!

‘Bites’ launches on Thursday 16th May. For a sneak peek of ‘Bites’ watch the trailer here.

To find out more about this year’s National Numeracy Day visit www.numeracyday.com