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Numbers x Fun at Pancras Square Library Spring 2015

It’s what you’ve all been waiting for!PS Library Poster

No, honestly, it really is. Often, when we’ve been running a fun maths event, someone has said to us: but what about times tables? We gather they’re something you are all keen to work on – and John Lyon’s Charity has stepped in to fund the development of some activities. We’ve got games, making and more…

You can try the activities out on:
Saturday 9th May, 2-5pm, Pancras Square Library
Tuesday 26th May (half term), 2-5pm, Pancras Square Library.
Pancras Square Library is at 5 Pancras Square, just by St Pancras station. The sessions are drop in so just turn up – children must bring parents…

We look forward to seeing you there!

More about the activities

As part of developing our activities we spent some time with children who were learning their tables. We noticed that there were some children who demanded to be tested (and were super quick) and others who wouldn’t talk to us about the subject. Our activities aim to include everyone: it’s about increasing your understanding of what multiplication is, and getting familiar with number patterns in a fun way. There are craft activities, number games and more. We’d love your comments.