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Take part in our Rangoli Maths Project virtual exhibition

For the last few months, we’ve been creating and decorating Rangoli patterns across all of our library sessions for an exhibition in June at Pancras Square Library. Due to the Covid-19 lockdown, we are now planning to have a virtual exhibition of all your wonderful work instead!

Our virtual exhibition will include photos of the designs which were created at our library sessions but… we need more! So why not create one (or another one!) – and tell all of your friends and family to join in!

A Rangoli is a colourful design made on the floor using coloured rice powder. In maths, Rangoli patterns are a creative way to discover symmetry, reflection and tessellation. It is often used by Hindus throughout Diwali. Another form of Rangoli pattern is Mendhi which is used to decorate hands and feet during festivals and weddings.

How to get involved

Watch the film then download the instructions to create your own design or decorate one of ours. What materials will your family use? Get creative and surprise us! And don’t forget to tell all of your friends to submit their Rangoli patterns too! You will need to send your Rangoli designs to us by Saturday 13th June.




Where to send your Rangoli Maths Project design

This is a virtual exhibition. To submit your creation(s) to the exhibition simply take a photo of your Rangoli and either:

We can’t wait to see your designs!