Stay-in Sessions

Stay-in Sessions

Saturday 19th September 2.30pm
Put your Maths Glasses on

🎬  September Stay-in session video – coming soon.

In our first monthly video session you’ll be making your very own pair of Maths Glasses, and exploring the idea of maths glasses to help us see the maths all around us in our everyday lives!

You will need:

  • paper or card;
  • colouring pens and/or pencils;
  • materials for decorating such as glitter or sequins (optional);
  • scissors;
  • glue or sellotape;
  • something as a shape to draw around like a circle, a square or a ruler.

Also don’t forget to download the accompanying PDF resource (link below) in advance so you are are ready to go!

Put your Maths Glasses on PDF resource & materials

What is a Stay-in Session?
We have really been missing our monthly drop-in library events so we thought – why not bring them to you at home this autumn with ‘Stay-in’ sessions.

When are you running Stay-in Sessions?
Every 3
rd Saturday of the month at 2.30pm we will release an online session with fun, hands-on, creative maths activities for you to follow as a family. 

Where can I find the sessions?
The video sessions will be uploaded here on our website and also our Facebook page. Don’t worry if you can’t make it – the video will remain up in both places for you to view at any time. 

Will I be able to ask you questions?
If you watch it live on Facebook, Susan and Niki – our Community and Schools Outreach Co-ordinators – will be on hand to answer any questions via Facebook or email while you are watching. 

What materials do I need?
Don’t forget to download any accompanying PDF resources in advance so you are ready to go. A link to these will be in the box above, along with a list of any other materials we think you will need for that month’s activity.