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Stay-in Sessions

During the lockdown we really missed our monthly drop-in library events so we thought – why not bring them to you at home with ‘stay-in’ sessions.

Our drop-in sessions have now resumed but we are still running online sessions. Visit our Events page for details of upcoming sessions

What is a Stay-in Session?
It’s a creative maths activity, designed to be explored at home as a family, accompanied by an online make-a-long video session, led by Maths on Toast staff.

When are you running Stay-in Sessions?
Every month
 we run a fun, hands-on, creative maths activity online for you to follow as a family. 

Where can I find the sessions?
Visit our Events page for details of upcoming sessions. Scroll down to see past months’ sessions. Don’t worry if you can’t make it to a live session – How-To videos and activity sheets will be uploaded and made available for you to view at any time.

Will I be able to ask you questions?
Yes, we will be able to answer any questions while you are watching. 

What materials do I need?
Don’t forget to download any accompanying resources in advance so you are ready to go. A link to these will be on the Event page, along with a list of any other materials we think you will need for the activity.

Missed any of our earlier Stay-in sessions? No problem!
You can find links to previous months’ stay-in session activities below.

August 2021 - Fraction Monsters


Create your own characterful Fraction Monster using rubbish materials from your recycling bin

July 2021 - Maths of Me


Create your own ‘Maths of Me’ profile using the numbers that make up you!

June 2021 - Escher-Inspired Tessellations


Create your own tessellation and transform it into a piece of art!

May 2021 - Create a Maths Board Game


Design your own walking-themed board game

April 2021 - Ripple of Kindness


Make an origami heart with a special message inside and make someone smile. Transform a 2D flat surface into a 3D shape - just by folding paper!

March 2021 - Easter Tangram Challenge


Use the tangram to work out who has been delivering all the Easter chocolate!

February 2021 - Codebreaking for Spies


Crack codes and unravel secret messages using your logical and mathematical thinking

January 2021 - Number Character Storytelling


Choose your favourite number and bring it to life by creating your very own number character. Have fun with other families as you tell the story of your number.

December 2020 'Save the Snowperson'


Make a snowman or snowwoman and save them from melting!

November 2020 'Make a TetraTREEdron'


We're inviting families, schools and communities to come together this December to build and decorate a festive tree with a difference!

October 2020 'Make a Pumpkin Bauble'


Discover how 2D circles can be used to create 3D spheres. No carving or sticky pumpkin innards to deal with, just lots of creative maths fun – and a bit of sticky glue!

September 2020 'Put your Maths Glasses on'


Make your very own pair of Maths Glasses, and explore the idea of maths glasses to help us see the maths all around us in our everyday lives!

Stay-in Sessions trailer - What are the Stay-in Sessions all about?