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Take part in our 2021 Festive TetraTREEdron Project!

A tree, with a mathematical twist…

Calling all families, communities and schools – the festive tree with a difference is back!

We’ve launched our 2021 Festival TetraTREEdron Project. Throughout November and December we want you to build your own Sierpinski Tetrahedron, or as we like to call them, TetraTREEdrons!

How YOU can get involved

Display a small TetraTREEdron in a window at home
Display a large TetraTREEdron made by joining tetrahedrons together to form one large sculpture
Share a picture of your creation!

Share your artwork + win a prize!

Spread the word and share a picture of your TetraTREEdron on social media using the hashtags #tetratree #positiveaboutmaths tagging @mathsontoast. Upload it by 31st December 2021 and you could win one of 50 packs of our family maths card game Number Rumbler!

Start building your TetraTREEdron!

So, what exactly is a tetrahedron?

A tetrahedron is a shape made from four triangles. Not just any triangles – they need to be equilateral triangles (sides all the same length).

And a Sierpinski Tetrahedron?

Well, it looks like this. Look at it closely. Look at the whole shape, and then look at one corner. Do they look… similar? That similarity makes a Sierpinski tetrahedron something mathematicians call a ‘fractal’ – a shape that’s made up of smaller versions of itself. A fractal can repeat endlessly to create larger and larger versions of itself.

For more information of how to take part in our 2021 Festive TetraTREEdron Project, watch a ‘How To’ video and to download a tetrahedron template, visit the Build a TetraTREEdron activity page.

If you’d like to get in touch about how your school or community group can get involved email community@mathsontoast.org.uk