About us

Maths on Toast was founded because, in 2012, there were very few places families could go and have fun doing maths in their local communities. That felt like a lack which was worth addressing.

We run community events where maths is family fun. In this way, we contribute to improving the numeracy skills and life chances of individuals, and the potential of the UK. You can read more about how we evaluate our outcomes and impact on our Impact page.

Meet the team


Alexandra Fitzsimmons – Founder and CEO

Maths on Toast was founded in 2012 by Alexandra Fitzsimmons. Alexandra studied maths at the University of Cambridge. Since then, she has spent almost a decade working in museums and creative media – for example, working directly with visitors on family activities at the V&A, and as an international exhibition design consultant.

Alexandra is a Fellow of the School for Social Entrepreneurs. When not running Maths on Toast, she teaches Museum Studies as part of the MSc Science Communication at Imperial College London.


Francesca Piacentini – Event Leader

Francesca started her professional life as a primary school teacher. She now leads family maths events for Maths on Toast, and also works for a number of other heritage and community organisations.




Maths on Toast’s Trustees are (from left) Dr Paul Wilmott, Sophie Smith, Holly Marshall, Reena O’Neill, Dr Alison Clark-Wilson and Rebecca McCaffry.

Paul is a financial mathematician, lecturer and researcher who has started a series of successful businesses.

Alison researches mathematics education. She has also taught maths and developed maths television shows.

Sophie is a museum design consultant with experience in the management of Arts funding.

Rebecca is our Treasurer – an accountant with experience in the heritage sector and in small charities.

Reena is a marketing expert with particular experience of web marketing.

Holly is a project manager with significant experience of working with and engaging diverse communities in central London.

Join the team

If you are interested in joining our team please follow this link to find out about opportunities.


We believe (as do National Numeracy – see here) that negative attitudes to maths are a big problem. They are one cause of the fact that numeracy in the UK is not as good as it should be. That’s a big problem for individuals – who don’t do as well in life as they might – and for the country as a whole.

And attitudes to numeracy can be inherited. If their parents can’t confidently support them, or admit to having given up themselves, why would children keep trying?

So we support parents and children together. First, we show them they can have a fun day. Our events will appeal to anyone who likes making, colouring, drawing or messing around with music. Once everyone’s clearly having fun, we show that what they were doing was maths.

Some of those maths links are straightforward: we can show people how our activities connect to what is happening in school. But there’s a more subtle angle too – about supporting some key personal traits that you need to be good at maths. They apply to all our events and they are listed below.

Being imaginative, creative or flexible
Being systematic
Being independent in thought and action
Being cooperative
Being persistent
Developing a fascination with the subject
Showing interest and motivation
Showing pleasure and enjoyment from mathematical activities
Showing an appreciation of the purpose, power and relevance of mathematics
Showing satisfaction derived from a sense of achievement
Showing confidence in an ability to do mathematics at an appropriate level


Legal stuff

We are a company limited by guarantee (8196529) and a registered charity (1151486) based in London. Our registered address is Top Floor, 1 Bermondsey Square, London SE1 3UN.

Our governing documents can be downloaded here.