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What we do

We’re the family maths charity!

Family maths? What’s that? We’re on a mission to give all families and communities playful, hands-on, creative experiences of maths that they can do together – we want everyone in the UK to feel positive about maths.

Positive hands-on experiences of maths build confidence and encourage development of wider maths skills and thinking. We aim to achieve this with our four main areas of work:

Community events

Maths is seldom offered as a family activity in public and community events. We’re here to change that! We run free events in public libraries that are open to all.

We work in partnership with community groups, family organisations and charities, family and community learning teams to enable us to reach families who might otherwise not find us.

We’ve also collaborated with museums, heritage sites, and theatre companies, festivals and even city farms to bring our activities and message to an even wider audience and families who may not specifically be looking for maths.

Family maths drop-in session at Pancras Square Library

Community maths in schools

We develop creative maths resources and programmes for schools with a focus on parental engagement and community participation.

Our Festival of Triangles kit provides a week-long set of classroom activities. Designed to be run across the whole school, the week culminates in a celebratory family participation event.

Maths on Toast Coffee Mornings are a short series of family sessions run in schools to encourage parental engagement and offer an approachable introduction to enriching maths learning at home and in everyday life through hands-on, creative maths activities. Read a case study here.

We encourage schools to signpost to or print and send home our activities for families to do together and encourage participation in our Join-In Projects and Galleries – at school and at home!

Festival of Triangles finale event in a school
The staff loved the week and were excited about teaching and the children were hyped for the big eventTeacher comment

Family maths at home

We provide free online resources to enable families to explore and enjoy maths at home together, discover how maths is everywhere you look and find out for themselves that maths can be for everyone! Our Fun Maths at Home, Activities and Resources and Join-In Project webpages include activities, challenges, galleries, videos, tips and advice.  

Number Rumbler is a fun family card game for playing together. Developed in collaboration with families, it was designed to enable children to develop ‘number sense’ through play. Number sense means not just learning maths facts ‘off by heart’ but gaining a deeper understanding of the relationship between the numbers in multiplication, division and times tables. 

Number Rumbler – Family Maths Game

Training Programmes

We use a cascade approach to extend and deepen our reach and impact, by offering a range of Maths on Toast training programmes and creative maths CPD workshop options. Click here for info on what we offer.

This approach encourages and enables community and family learning educators, teachers and schools, and education business partnerships and corporate volunteer schemes to run their own programmes and events to continue our work.

By using our creative maths ethos, programmes and resources in their own setting, we expand our ability to reach as many families as we can!

How we’re funded

We’re funded by a mixture of grant income, trading income and donations from members of the public.