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Snowflakes Gallery

Snowflakes Join-In: Autumn 2022

Discover one of the marvels of nature: Snowflakes! The tiny ice crystals that form snowflakes are made up of a shape with six lines of symmetry. We will be exploring shape, space and symmetry and how accuracy is important in maths.

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Online Gallery

Share a picture of your work and we will add it to our online Snowflakes Gallery!
To be included in the gallery, email a picture of your work (with you if you like!) to info@mathsontoast.org.uk . You can be anonymous, give us your child’s first name and/or age or tell us your school class maybe – it’s up to you.

You could also post it on  TwitterFacebook or Instagram, tagging us @mathsontoast

And don’t forget to share and spread the word – we want everyone to Join-In!