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For PTAs

A Parent Teacher Associations (PTA) plays a large and vital role in supporting enrichment and wider learning opportunities for all pupils. 

Maths on Toast first-festival-triangles

 Your PTA could use its funds to support maths learning, build a positive attitude to maths and foster parental engagement in maths to: 

  • Fund a Number Rumbler programme and purchase Number Rumbler at trade price to offer a free pack to all Year 1 children. Contact us at info@mathsontoast.org.uk to discuss this option and make an order.
  • Buy a Number Rumbler classroom set (one pack per two children) for staff to use in school. Number of packs needed depends on class size. Contact us at info@mathsontoast.org.uk to discuss this option and make an order.
  • Fund a Festival of Triangles programme and offer support to staff to run a successful event. Show your school leaders the information on Festival or Triangles and ask them to contact us.  

You could fundraise by: 

  • Purchasing Number Rumbler to sell at school fairs and events or via the school office. You buy at trade price and sell at a price point that suits you, up to the RRP of £7.99. Please contact us at info@mathsontoast.org.uk to discuss this further and make an order.

You could promote our unique hands-on creative approach by:

  • Sharing information about Maths on Toast’s free activities and resources directly to parents or ask school staff to share it.
  • Using some of our resources as hands-on activities at a school fair.