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For teachers

Why don’t we celebrate maths in schools in the same way we celebrate other subjects? Maths on Toast’s Festival of Triangles offers you the chance to run a community maths event at your primary school.

Check out our maths events page and if you’re based in Camden, let the children and families at your school know about our regular free drop in afternoons at Pancras Square Library or get in touch with us if you’d like to discuss the project further.

Take a look at Bites: our series ‘How To’ videos, presented by children aged  8 – 11. Instruction sheets for the activities demonstrated in each film are available to download, so families can try them together at home. They’re also ideal for use in school and community settings.

Buy our family maths game Number Rumbler through our partners, Autopress Education, Cambridge House or Power of 2 along with all your other supplies.