What we do    For teachers

For teachers

Why don’t we celebrate maths in schools in the same way we celebrate other subjects? We offer a range of activities, events and creative ideas to help teachers change that!

Festival of Triangles offers you the chance to run a community maths event at your primary school.

Free maths events if you’re based in London; let the children and families at your school know about our creative maths drop-in sessions at Pancras Square Library, Queen’s Crescent Library and Ealing Road Library.

Maths on Toast Bites our series of ‘How To’ videos, presented by children aged  8 – 11 are ideal to encourage families to try maths together at home and they also work in a school or community setting.

Download free resources for hands-on creative maths activities to try in the classroom.

Number Rumbler our family card game is available to buy through our partners, Autopress Education, Cambridge House or Power of 2 along with all your other supplies.

We are proud to support and provide resources for NSPCC Number Day.