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Rangoli Gallery

In maths, Rangoli patterns are a creative way to discover symmetry, reflection and tessellation.

A Rangoli is a colourful design made on the floor using coloured rice powder. It is often used by Hindus throughout Diwali. Another form of Rangoli pattern is Mendhi which is used to decorate hands and feet during festivals and weddings.

Take part

Download the Rangoli activity sheet here and try making your own Rangoli artwork.

To be included in the gallery, email a picture of your artwork (with you if you like!) to info@mathsontoast.org.uk or you could post it on TwitterFacebook or Instagram, tagging us @mathsontoast

You can be anonymous, tell us your school class, or give us your first name and age – it’s up to you!

This online gallery was originally created from submissions to our Rangoli Maths Project which took place in spring 2020.