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The team


Susan Bugby

Co-director Content and Programmes

Susan has worked in schools development and training roles within the charity sector for over 13 years, delivering workshops in schools and community settings. She’s also taught maths and literacy through art to young people with SEN (when she wasn’t making props for school plays). She’s keen to show children and their families how much fun maths can be!

Neva Brentnall

Co-director Operations and Fundraising

Neva is passionate about encouraging young people, especially girls, into STEM careers.  She has volunteered with Girlguiding for a number of years providing a safe space for girls to explore their skills and take opportunities in a non academic environment. She likes working with data and systems and loves seeing children’s faces light up when they learn something new and finally understand a concept!

Alison McLachlan

Community Practitioner - Scotland

Alison has a background in community development and environmental studies, she has worked in a variety of adult education and community roles – all linked to learning; and has experience in developing numeracy and environmental resources. Alison is excited to share what we all love about Maths on Toast, our creative maths activities with local communities in Scotland! 

What is she looking forward to? Learning and then sharing the Miura Fold! 

Founder & Patron

Alexandra Fitzsimmons

Founder & Patron

Alexandra studied maths at the University of Cambridge. She then spent almost a decade working in museums and creative media – for example, working directly with visitors on family activities at the V&A, and as an international exhibition design consultant. Shocked by the lack of fun family experiences available in maths, she founded Maths on Toast. Alexandra is a Fellow of the School for Social Entrepreneurs and spent many years teaching Museum Studies as part of the MSc Science Communication at Imperial College London.

Advisor & Patron

Professor Alison Clark-Wilson

Advisor & Patron

Alison was a Trustee of Maths on Toast for 10 years. She is a former secondary school mathematics teacher who is now a Principal Research Associate at UCL Institute of Education where she researches technology use in education.  Alison is a Fellow of the Institute of Mathematics and its Applications and co-convenes the Mathematics Education Special Interest Group for the British Educational Research Association. Alison has spent her professional life in mathematics education and she firmly believes that everyone can learn to think mathematically, especially when the mathematics creeps up on them in unexpected ways!


Gemma Mann


Gemma works for an international publishing and education organisation and previously worked in the creative and museum sector. Gemma had first-hand experience of Maths on Toast engagement projects before being appointed as a Trustee. She is a strong supporter of creative learning and an advocate for the need to change negative perceptions of maths, and understands the need to promote positive attitudes to help overcome issues such as maths anxiety.


Melanie Huntley


Melanie is a marketing communications specialist with over 20 years’ experience working with organisations from local government and big finance to start-ups, parenting platforms and educational institutions. She is passionate about integrated working to shape messages that are authentic, clear and compelling, and to deliver communications that are as helpful as possible for their intended audiences. Melanie is excited to support Maths On Toast’s mission to build life-changing maths confidence amongst children and grown-ups alike.

Sarah Watzek


Sarah studied Psychology and Computing at university and now works at an artificial intelligence research company in Human Resources. Prior to that she spent a decade in the charity sector with the British Heart Foundation and Teach First. She is fascinated by science and believes in the importance of STEM education because our world depends on it, now more than ever. She believes in helping people to reach their potential by removing barriers and providing access to opportunities.

Karrie Liu


Karrie is a mathematician (specialising in data science) with 10+ years of experience in UK healthcare and life sciences; she set up Hypatia Analytics in 2019, in the hope of getting the balance between working as an independent data scientist, incorporate assignments and spending time on pro bono projects and charities. She believes data and mathematics are at the heart of better decision-making and is important to apply these insights to planning. Karrie wants to help everyone share her love of maths!

Tanveer Sian


Tan studied economics at university and has been working in the social impact sector for 5 years, mainly specialising on issues affecting socially excluded and marginalised young people such as violence, school exclusions and transitions out of care. He is passionate about building maths confidence to help young people, families and communities break down barriers to opportunity and feel more comfortable dealing with numbers in daily life.