We’re the family maths charity

Family maths? What’s that? We’re on a mission to give all families and communities playful, hands-on, creative experiences of maths that they can do together – we want everyone in the UK to enjoy and feel positive about maths!

We want everyone to feel #positiveaboutmaths

Case study

Multiplying our Maths on Toast Approach

Multiply is a government funded programme to help adults improve their numeracy skills. This includes family numeracy programmes and courses for parents wanting to increase their skills in order to help their children. Over the past year, organisations in Scotland have used their Multiply funding to train their practitioners in the Maths on Toast Approach. […]

Maths can be such a joyful and creative subject and also exists outside of the classroom. So as a school teacher, it is brilliant to see Maths on Toast use a hands-on, creative family maths approach that allows everyone (from children to parents) to share in the fun of maths.

Bobby Seagull - Maths Teacher, Author & Broadcaster