/  TetraTREEdron Project 2021

TetraTREEdron Project 2021

Make your own mathematical tree! How big will you make yours?

Four tetrahedrons joined together form a tetraTREEdron…
Four tetraTREEdrons joined together will form a larger tree…
The more tetraTREEdrons, the bigger the structure!

Take Part

Find a step-by-step ‘How To’ video and download the tetrahedron template to start building your TetraTREEdron.

Start building a TetraTREEdron

Win a pack of Number Rumbler!

Upload a picture of your finished Sierpinski tree to social media by 31st December 2021 tagging us @mathsontoast and you could win a pack of our brain-fizzing family maths card game Number Rumbler! There are 50 packs up for grabs!

Submit your artwork

To be included in the gallery, email a picture of your artwork (with you if you like!) to info@mathsontoast.org.uk or you could post it on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram, tagging us @mathsontoast You can be anonymous, tell us your school class, or give us your first name and age – it’s up to you!