We’re Stuck – watch the film!

Find out more about a piece of theatre we’re developing. It’s all about how struggling in maths can help you grow your brain

We are small, and multiplying is powerful

It’s just multiplying by ten – but you can go from the size of a picnic rug to the spread of the Universe in a matter of minutes.

Hypnotic triangles dancing

Love this video by Rene Jodoin and Maurice Blackburn

Starry starry maths

All about stars, and the best way to draw them, and how, weirdly and mathematically, that’s all linked to prime numbers.

Infinite origami beetles, and saving lives

Robert Lang uses origami… systematically. Not only can he make any animal you like – that’s down to different species – but he can make life saving devices like heart stents.

Donald in Mathmagic Land

Donald Duck and his adventures – with number and shape and Ancient Greeks.