‘Bites’ – showing how maths is creative, fun and for everyone. 

‘Bites’ is a series of short ‘How To’ creative maths videos presented by children aged between 8 and 11. Aimed at primary school children and their families, our group of enthusiastic ‘maths advocates’ demonstrates a range of fun, hands-on maths activities that families can try together. Our mission is to promote positive attitudes to maths. Bites will broaden children and their families’ view of what […]

NSPCC Number Day Partnership

NSPCC Number Day 2018

In partnership with the NSPCC we provided specially adapted resources to their Number Day, where thousands of schools joined together for a maths-inspired fundraising day to raise money to go towards supporting the work of the NSPCC.  It was important for us to be able to support the NSPCC as well as gaining greater reach […]

Teachers & Triangles! – Research & Development with SE London Maths Hubs

Maths on Toast Festival of Triangles

In 2017 we conducted a collaborative Research & Development project with the London South East Maths Hub. This took Festival of Triangles from a straightforward ‘enrichment’ project, which our team delivered for a school, to something that a teacher could deliver without our direct support. During the project, we worked with five primary schools in […]

We’re Stuck!

Maths theatre - We're Stuck

We’re Stuck! was interactive theatrical adventure for children aged 8-11 and their accompanying adults, developed by theatre-maker Sarah Punshon with a team of creative and scientific collaborators. The show took audiences through six different spaces as they explored “Volcano Industries”, a top-secret Artificial Intelligence research facility that develops cutting-edge robots controlled by neuron-computer hybrid systems. […]

Crowd Funding Number Rumbler

Back in the spring of 2015 Maths on Toast worked with families in Camden, London to devise a fun maths game that supported understanding of multiplication. In the autumn of 2015 we crowdfunded the result – Number Rumbler – the number sense maths toy. 280 people backed the STEM game, whether by buying advance copies […]

Cracking Codes at Bletchley Park

Cracking codes at Bletchley Park

During the autumn of 2014, we ran a series of family maths events at Bletchley Park.  As well as Festival of Triangles, we created two new events: ‘Codes and Conundrums’ and ‘Playing Games’. The events were really successful, attracting over 350 people in total, and received highly positive feedback. After the event, several families reported […]

The Secret Maths of Spies with the Imperial War Museums

Family maths events at Imperial War Museum

In 2014 we were approached by the Imperial War Museums to develop a series of activities on the ‘Secret Maths of Spies’, to run during the February 2014 half term on HMS Belfast. Building on the success of the initial week of events, we further developed the activities to include a ‘D-Day’ theme, enabling HMS […]

The first ever Festival of Triangles

Maths on Toast first-festival-triangles

Our first Festival of Triangles was a one-day event in an empty shop in an indoor market, aimed at 5-12 year olds and their families. The space was decorated with triangles and shapes constructed from triangles, and there were also ‘triangle facts’ to read and discover. Visitors could take part in a range of craft […]