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Maths Bake-off Challenge

Try our Maths Bake-off Challenge?

Show off your baking skills by making 8 delicious maths muffins and designing a box to put them in. It’s a multi-maths activity that bake-off loving families can enjoy doing together.

Complete our 3-step Maths Bake-Off Challenge to create a delicious edible mathematical masterpiece!

Practise measuring, explore spatial reasoning and tackle construction – will you be crowned the baking champion? Download the activity sheet from our resources section below.

Measurement Challenge

Weighing and measuring ingredients will help you develop a better understanding of volume and measurement. Timing and calculation skills can help prevent soggy bottoms and burnt buns!

3D Challenge

Baked treats need a box! Get hands-on and produce the perfect box template to display one or more of your muffins.

Design Challenge

Put your construction skills to the test! Get creative constructing and decorating your box.


Try our 3-step Maths Bake-Off Challenge!

Maths Bake-off Challenge Activity Sheet