/  Maths on Toast Bites: ‘How To…’ fun maths videos

Maths on Toast Bites: ‘How To…’ fun maths videos

What is Maths on Toast Bites?

We’ve created a series of 5 fun ‘How To…’ videos presented by a group of young enthusiastic ‘maths advocates’. This unique online maths resource is called Maths on Toast Bites.

The presenters, aged between 8 and 11, demonstrate a range of creative family maths activities. They make a few mistakes along the way but that’s ok. In fact it’s more than ok, it’s great. Because mistakes are a very important part of the learning process. Watching the ‘How To…’ videos broadens children and their families’ view of what and where maths is, and shows them that maths can be creative, family fun.

What materials do I need?

  • Cocktail sticks
  • Midget Gems (or any small gummy sweets)
  • 1kg bag of sugar (you could use a 1kg bag of flour or box of cereal)
  • Drinking straws
  • Playing cards (or any card cut to the size of a playing card)
  • Two dice

You will also need:

  • Scissors
  • Pens/pencils
  • Glue Tape

Supporting material for each individual activity is available to download underneath each film. For some activities you will need access to a printer.

‘How To…’ Half-Term Challenge

Ideal for primary schools during the February half-term

Maths on Toast Bites is an ideal half-term activity for families – fun, educational, low-cost and weather-proof!
Teachers/Schools – download our letter/email/newsletter template to tell parents and carers all about how they can take part in our How To Half Term Challenge

Template email to parents

Where can I watch the films?

Right here on our website! You can watch them in any order.

🎬 Watch Maths on Toast Bites

Want more fun maths videos?

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