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Working in partnership with The Switch to provide quality corporate volunteer-run creative maths sessions in primary schools

Following on from a successful pilot in 2019 – and after a long hiatus due to Covid-19 – we were delighted to be able to finally pick up our partnership with The Switch (formerly Tower Hamlets Education Business Partnership).  

The Switch’s Number Partners programme recruits corporate volunteers to run weekly lunchtime maths sessions in primary schools.  The programme’s aims – to encourage, inspire and build confidence in maths – are enhanced by Maths on Toast’s Training and Resource Programme. 

Face-to-face and online training for volunteers explains our ‘Maths on Toast approach’ and the benefits of our fun, creative maths resources; our programme encourages and enables volunteers to get hands-on and explore the activities together with their young Number Partner – we know that learning together, having fun making mistakes and trying again can help children to feel more comfortable with maths and can lead to them feeling more confident.   

We provide resources for the full academic year, offering games, craft and construction challenges and include extra weekly ‘take-away’ activities for children to take home and continue the maths fun with their family.  

During summer term 2022 we provided the training and resources for Number Partners from J P Morgan who volunteered at St Agnes Primary School. 19 volunteers and 11 pupils took part.  

For the academic year 22/23, the programme is due to reach 30 pupils across 3 schools, working with 3 different companies.  

Quotes:A participating child said “I got help when I was struggling. It was really enjoyable. I didn’t enjoy (maths) before” 

“I liked finding out about my partner’s job which involved maths” 

A teacher from St Agnes Primary said: 

“Even the children who don’t really like maths at all didn’t want to finish”  

She added that, after 7 sessions, one pupil is “more organised and stops to check working out. Can also consider how realistic his answer is”.  

Another is “reaching age-related expectations where previously she wasn’t. Her confidence has grown” 

Rachel McMahon, Senior Project Manager – Primary Schools from The Switch said:

“Maths on Toast have provided innovative and engaging resources to give our Number Partners volunteers creative and exciting ways to help pupils discover and play with maths.”

For full details on Maths on Toast Training and Resources Programme for education business partnerships and corporate volunteers, please click here and to enquire further please email info@mathsontoast.org.uk