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Earth Day Challenge

#WomblesWanted this Earth Day!

This fun, active and crafty maths activity was created especially for Earth Day.

Cleaning up litter is just one of the ways you can take care of our planet. And who better to help you than The Wombles, experts in recycling rubbish in creative ways!

As well as helping clean up your local area, you’ll be collecting, comparing and recording data.

  • Help Great Uncle Bulgaria by collecting and sorting litter
  • Keep a tally of what you find – can you predict which Womble will collect the most litter?
  • Record your findings using Tobermory’s pop-up bar chart!

Download the activity challenge sheet from the resources section below.

The annual Earth Day event, celebrated every year on 22 April, reminds us how important it is to invest in our planet. Find out more at www.earthday.org

Earth Day Challenge Activity Sheet

Download our Earth Day Challenge activity sheet for a fun, active, & crafty way to collect, compare and record data