Join us for a fun festive session, where we will be using 3D shapes to create Christmas decorations: -Build a Tetratreedron– a Christmas tree in the style of a Sierpinski tetrahedron. How many levels will your tree have? Explore the pattern and work out how many tetrahedrons you will need to make. -Make a 12 […]

Super Shapes

Our first session of 2019 – Super Shapes! Come and investigate shapes from triangles to rhombicosidodecahedrons (yes, that is a real shape!) Have fun constructing 3D shapes with Polydron and Magnaformer Design your own shape and use parts of mathematical words to name your shape invention Make a ‘Happy Shape Families’ game. Grab a Super […]

I Love Maths

Our February session: I Love Maths! What do you love about maths? Or, maybe there are bits of it you loathe. We will be using the Toast Model to explore the emotional side of maths: Where’s Crusty’ – find our Extra Slice Club mascot amongst the maths of the everyday Complete a ‘Maths and Me’ […]

Family Maths CPD

Maths on Toast logo

Led by Maths on Toast this workshop will provide ideas for fun family maths and resources that will inspire attendees to develop family engagement with maths in their own setting. The workshop provides attendees with: A forum to discuss theirs and their audiences varied experiences of maths A chance to participate in fun family maths […]