December at Pancras Square Library – Merry Christmaths

Put on your Christmas jumper for an afternoon of festive shape making! Who needs a cracker when you can design your own Christmas chatterbox filled with maths jokes and puzzles to solve? Construct your own 3D Sierpinski triangle Christmas tree Colour and form 3D shapes to use as decorations Make and play your own ‘Save […]

January at Pancras Square Library – New Year in Numbers!

Family maths events in Camden

Happy 2020! Come and celebrate the new year with us! Practise number bonds and be the first to 100 with a fun dice game Wind up the afternoon predicting, measuring and recording clockwork characters as you race with your family and friends Give your memory a work out playing Number Rumbler Create creepy crawlies to investigate doubles and multiples Design a […]

February at Pancras Square Library – Stories on Toast

Maths on Toast construction challenge

Love is in the air ❤️ Put your number and storytelling skills to the test to celebrate National Storytelling Week and NSPCC Number Day. Design your very own number character Create bunting to tell a number story or to present some interesting facts Discover Fibonacci’s number sequence as you colour and create super spirals Discover […]

March at Pancras Square Library – Easy as Pi

Family maths events in Camden

3.1415 reasons to come along to March’s library session! Test your recall skills playing a fun Pi memory game. Design and create your own Pi jewellery to take home. Angles are everywhere! Make an angle eater to find them.  Create your design for our community Rangoli pattern celebration. This is a family activity for children […]