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Join-In Spring 2022

We are very happy that you are here to Join-In with our Spring 2022 project and gallery: Terrific Tangrams. You will find all the information you need to get going on this page.

Make your own Tangram

Our Terrific Tangram project is all about shapes. Did you know that a square can split into seven geometric shapes made up of two small triangles, one medium triangle, two large triangles, a square and a parallelogram?

This is called a Tangram. A tangram is an ancient Chinese puzzle

Our Story

Square is feeling sad. The other shapes say Square is boring and uncool. Circle is special because it has a curved line; it can roll and is round like the sun. Triangle is a very strong shape and is good for building; it’s pointed like a mountain. Hexagon can join other hexagons to make an interesting repeating pattern, leaving no gaps – that’s why bees use hexagons in beehives! Hexagons can also team up with pentagons to make a football! Square wants to prove to the other shapes that it can go outside its box and be just as interesting as they are!

Can you help square show the other shapes how interesting it is by turning it into a picture using all 7 shapes? You can decorate the background and use different colour shapes to tell your story.

Watch our video and follow the instructions to make your own Tangram by folding a square piece of paper in a special way. There are some ideas and inspiration in the video to see what square has already become. We want you to send us your picture so we can add it to the story…

Check out the activity sheet at the bottom of this page to discover more about Square’s story and find  template Tangrams that you can cut out.

There is a larger Tangram template at the bottom of this page too – for you to print out (or trace from the screen) and colour in/decorate.

Or why not try making a Tangram out of Toast? This longer video explains a little more about how the shapes all fit:

How to make a Toasty Tangram


Online Gallery

Share a picture of your work and we will add it to our online Tangram Gallery!
To be included in the gallery, email a picture of your work (with you if you like!) to info@mathsontoast.org.uk . You can be anonymous, give us your child’s first name and/or age or tell us your school class maybe – it’s up to you.

You could also post it on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram, tagging us @mathsontoast

And don’t forget to share and spread the word – we want everyone to Join-In!

Tangram Square activity sheet


Tangram Template