Number Rumbler


Number Rumbler is a brain-fizzing, fun STEM toy for families – anyone from 5 to adult can join in.

When you play it you’ll be having fun, practising your times tables, and developing number sense – all at the same time.

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What’s Number Sense and how does Number Rumbler help?

Number sense is what it sounds like: a sense for numbers. Learning multiplication tables is all about number facts: 2 x 5 is 10, for example. Number sense is deeper, more fun and more valuable. It’s about understanding how numbers relate to each other more broadly.

Number Rumbler consists of a pack of cards with numbers written – and drawn – in different ways. For example, 12 could be 4+4+4 or 3×4 or drawn out as twelve dots. By playing with the cards, you’ll get a better sense of how the numbers relate to one another – and because of that understanding, you’ll be more flexible with numbers and more fluent when you’re calculating and estimating.

How to Play

You can play noisy or quiet games with Number Rumbler – it’s up to you. A great way to start is simply to sort the cards into families – all the 12s, all the 10s, and so on. You might also want to take out some of the cards if you’re playing with younger children – the blue division cards, and the green cards with words on. Then you can get on to more advanced Number Rumbler games! There’s a gentle memory game, turning pairs over and remembering where matching cards are found – or a fast paced matching game, flipping cards over in turn and shouting when you get a match. Many children also make up their own games.

Number Rumbler was developed by family maths charity Maths on Toast with families and children in Camden, London. Children told us it was really fun; parents asked us where they could buy it. Our crowdfunding campaign raised £7000 to fund an initial print run – and now we’re trying to spread the word, and the game, further!

Additional information

Weight 100 g
Dimensions 9 × 7 × 2 cm