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Ripple of Kindness – Spreading kindness this spring

Small acts of kindness passed on can have a ripple effect. One small act of kindness multiplied by many can change the world for the better.

Make a special origami heart which you can use to spread some spring joy amongst your family and friends. Find the instruction sheet in the Resources section below.

Write a kind message inside your heart, then surprise a neighbour by posting it through their letterbox! Or pop it in an envelope, add a stamp and post it to a friend or family member.

Pay It Forward

You could pop your origami heart creation in an envelope and send it to someone in time for Pay It Forward Day (28th April). Or you could use your origami heart know-how to take part in the Mental Health Collective’s #KindnessByPost project.

Paying it forward is what happens when someone does something nice for you and all they ask in return is for you to pay it forward with an act of kindness for someone else.