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Summer 2023 Six Week Challenge

Symmetry in plants image

Happy Holidays! 

This summer we’re giving you the chance to win a pack of our award-winning card game Number Rumbler! We have 20 packs to give away. 

And all you have to do is spot some maths! 

Remember maths is everywhere and in everything, so get your camera and start snapping the maths you see at home, in the garden, in the supermarket or at the beach. It could be anything from a symmetrical flower to the data on a cereal packet! Share your photos with us on social media @mathsontoast or send to info@mathsontoast.org.uk to be entered into the draw. 

You can even make it a daily challenge for the whole family and record what you find on this activity sheet.

Look out for us posting everyday maths every day throughout the summer on our Instagram page

6 Weeks of Spotting Maths - Recording Sheet