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Top 5…maths activities with a food theme

Who says you can’t play with your food? We’ve put together our top 5 maths activities with a food theme.

1. Toasty Tangrams

One of our favourite activities as it involves toast which, naturally, we love!

Make a tangram puzzle using a piece of toast, and then make giraffes, cats or whatever you want. If you send us a picture of your tangram, we’ll add to our Tangram Gallery!

2. Times Table Scroll

Make your own version of an ancient scroll that was used to record the times tables in China around 305 BC.

This activity uses lots of lolly sticks. You can find these in craft shop or reuse the sticks from the ice lollies you’ve eaten!

3. Sorting Cereal

A yummy way to collect, present and compare data in different forms using multi-shaped cereal.
(Don’t eat any until afterwards otherwise your sorting will get in a muddle!)

4. Bits & Bobs Fractions

Learn about fractions and ratios, and enjoy a treat at the same time! You’ll probably need 2 packs of multi coloured sweet treats – one for the activity and one to eat!

5. Make a Pi Plate

Making a Pi Plate is a fun way to explore the digits of pi (3.1415926535) and discover the concept of infinite numbers. You will be using and understanding mathematical terms whilst learning interesting facts about circles.