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Rangoli Maths Project gallery is live!

Thank you to everyone who sent in their fantastic Rangoli creations.

We now have a wonderful online exhibition all ready to go!

View the Rangoli Maths Project online exhibition here 

You were hugely creative with your explorations of shape, symmetry and tessellation and used a range of different materials to create your designs:

  • Nature including leaves, petals, sticks, soil
  • Food such as rice, lentils, mung beans, pasta, mustard seeds and more
  • Art & craft items from felt tips and pens to tissue paper and coloured sand 

Lots of primary schools encouraged their pupils to get involved and we know our library and community partners helped to spread the message as well. 

I made a Rangoli at a library session but I can’t see it in the gallery
Sadly if you made a Rangoli design at one of our library sessions earlier in the year, it isn’t included in the online gallery yet. Those designs are stored safely at the libraries. Rest assured we’ll add them to the online gallery as soon as access is permitted and our library sessions are back up and running. 

I didn’t submit a Rangoli, is it too late?
If you didn’t get chance to make a Rangoli and are now inspired to get creative then please do send one in. We’ll add your design to the exhibition over the summer. Download the template below and email your Rangoli to info@mathsontoast.org.uk