Out & About Maths

During what would have been Walk to School Week 2020, why not get active as a family and explore the great outdoors? Try our step-by-step ‘Out & About Maths’ activities. Remember, you can find maths almost everywhere you look!  1. Counting & Data Collection  There are so many opportunities to practice counting when out walking. […]

Take part in our Rangoli Maths Project virtual exhibition

For the last few months, we’ve been creating and decorating Rangoli patterns across all of our library sessions for an exhibition in June at Pancras Square Library. Due to the Covid-19 lockdown, we are now planning to have a virtual exhibition of all your wonderful work instead! Our virtual exhibition will include photos of the designs […]

Board game maths – learning through play

Playing games is one of the easier ways to support maths learning at home. Many of the board games you may have at home support maths learning, either through exploring concepts such as shape and number, or developing skills like logic and perseverance. If you want to take it further, you could ask children if […]

Marathon Challenge!

Get active and have some fun with our Marathon fun facts and activities For the first time since 1981 there will be no London Marathon this Sunday so we’ve put together a marathon-themed activity sheet for you to do at home. You will be measuring time and distance, converting units and making predictions. You will […]

A longer read – Teacher Tips: helping your child learn at home

Niki Lavithis, one of our Community & Schools Outreach Coordinators, is also a primary school teacher. She shares her personal advice on helping your child learn at home. These are strange times. Working from home and helping your children with home learning is a tricky thing to balance! Luckily there are lots of resources, live […]

Easter Tangram Challenge 🐇

These farmyard friends have received some Easter gifts but who could they be from? Watch the film, try the tangram activity and see if you can work it out. Tangrams are maths because you’re practising using shapes. As you play you get a feel for how they fit together – what can you make from […]

A cracking Easter activity 🐣

Practise pattern-making, create shapes and use symmetry with this egg-themed activity! You’ll need: Paper Ruler Scissors (please ask an adult to help you) Colouring pens or pencils Printer, Play-doh, Lego (optional)   You can find lots more creative maths activities + games on our Fun Maths at Home page. Don’t forget to share your creations with us […]

More tips for playful, creative maths learning and discovery at home 

Lucy Davis, Maths on Toast’s CEO, shares some top tips on how to enjoy maths at home and encourage wider thinking and exploration.  Maths on Toast develops creative, crafty, playful activities that are all based on mathematical ideas. We offer the opportunity to discover that you can find maths almost everywhere you look. Creative, enjoyable […]

9 Times Table Trick

Get to know the 9 Times Table with this fun creative maths craft project to try at home with your family!  You’ll need: Paper Card Scissors Glue A pen (Kids, please ask an adult to help you with the scissors bit!) You can find lots more creative maths activities + games on our Fun Maths […]