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The closing date for this vacancy has passed. To keep up to date with future opportunities to join our team, sign up to our newsletter  We’re recruiting a Community and Schools Outreach Coordinator to support our mission to make maths fun. Are you a passionate teacher or creative learning expert? Do you have experience of […]

We need to talk about straws

triangle straws

Festival of Triangles and plastic straws – finding a sustainable alternative    Maths on Toast‘s Festival of Triangles is a triangle-themed maths week. To date, 40 primary schools across the country have held one. It is a hands-on, creative resource involving a series of teacher-led classroom-based activities culminating in a whole-school family event where parents, […]

Celebrating Volunteers’ Week 2019 – part 2

Xiaochen Yang volunteers with Maths on Toast alongside studying for a PhD in Statistics at University College London.  When I was a kid, I found great joy in playing maths-related games with my parents, such as the 24 Game, tangram and matchsticks game. This pleasure drove me to study maths-related subjects at school and pursue a PhD […]

Celebrating Volunteers’ Week 2019 – part 1

Benedicte Terryn tells us why she chooses to volunteer with Maths on Toast “I wanted to share the beautiful side of maths” Why would I spend my precious time volunteering at Maths on Toast? For the joy of seeing children and families learn, and for my own interest. Life is busy. I have an established career, an […]

It’s National Numeracy Day!

Happy National Numeracy Day – a day dedicated to celebrating numbers! Although every day is a numbers day for us at Maths on Toast we are excited to support this campaign to raise awareness of the importance of numeracy and to build people’s confidence in using numbers in their daily life. Public attitudes towards maths […]

Spreading a ‘love of maths’ (and triangles) on the North Yorkshire Coast

Francesca, our Events & Schools Manager, travelled to Scarborough to deliver a teacher training workshop as part of North Yorkshire Coast Opportunity Area’s inaugural ‘Maths Month’… The maths began before I’d even left London. My train from Kings Cross departed from Platform 0 – confirmation for anyone who may doubt that ‘0’ is in fact […]

Celebrating Maths with Maths Week London

We are hugely excited to be a partner in Maths Week London taking place 10th – 14th June. Maths Week London aims to encourage a positive attitude towards maths, improve confidence and promote the value of maths as an essential life skill  – all things we here at Maths on Toast believe in passionately. Our […]

Understanding Mathematics Anxiety – new research by the University of Cambridge

Maths on Toast’s creative approach aims to build a positive attitude to maths and talk about the strong emotions that maths can provoke. Interesting new research, published this week by the University of Cambridge highlights that maths anxiety is causing children as young as six to feel fear, rage and despair. Maths anxiety can cause poor performance which […]

Women Mathematicians for International Women’s Day

Here at Maths on Toast we’re strong advocates of building a resilient attitude towards maths – understanding that it can take hard work and perseverance to reach a solution and you can’t always expect to get results or know the answer straightaway.   All of the women mathematicians featured in our blog today will have had to […]