Events in Camden this summer

FoT Tour flyer

Looking for things to do this summer? Look no further! We’ll be running Festival of Triangles in seven venues in Camden. So if you live in the borough, please come along for some making, doing, singing and mathematical fun

Cracking codes! HMS Belfast, 12-13 July, family event

It’s back! If you missed it last time, Cracking Codes is returning to HMS Belfast. It’s a fun family event that brings together maths, spying and the history of this amazing ship. From cracking codes to colouring krakens, there is something for all age groups. Come along and tell us what you think! Read all […]

How to make a toasty tangram…

Make your own tangram puzzle out of toast, and then make giraffes, cats or whatever you want. It’s playing with your food, but it’s also definitely mathematical.

Spies and their secret maths

Have you ever wondered what maths is used by spies?

In a former Blue Peter presenter’s words…

Read what Peter Duncan, actor, former Blue Peter presenter and former Chief Scout, has to say about Maths on Toast.

Make a snowflake for Maths this Christmas

Cutting shapes symmetrically for a mathematical (and pretty) Christmas decoration

We are small, and multiplying is powerful

It’s just multiplying by ten – but you can go from the size of a picnic rug to the spread of the Universe in a matter of minutes.

Hypnotic triangles dancing

Love this video by Rene Jodoin and Maurice Blackburn

Starry starry maths

All about stars, and the best way to draw them, and how, weirdly and mathematically, that’s all linked to prime numbers.

Infinite origami beetles, and saving lives

Robert Lang uses origami… systematically. Not only can he make any animal you like – that’s down to different species – but he can make life saving devices like heart stents.